Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega

1999 2088 1994 – Ten Years After 20-20 Vision 3D Noughts & Crosses – V1 3D Noughts & Crosses – V2 3D-Tanx A Bomb Under Parliament A Day in the Life of Arnold A Dungeon Romp A Harvesting Moon A Hero for Sorania A Legacy For Alaric A Serpentine Tale A Stroll in the Bleak… Weiterlesen »

SHG Black Point

1000-Treffer-Spiel Grand Prix Motorradrennen Seekrieg Zehn elektronische Fernsehspiele in Farbe

Atari ST

Circus Games Elf Formula One Grand Prix Man From The Council Summer Olympiad


Chopper II Deep Forest Eggerland II Garyuo King L’Affaire Leather Skirts Metal Gear I Nemesis III: The Eve Of Destruction Red Lights Of Amsterdam The Treasure Of Uşas Topple Zip Vampire Killer (CastleVania)

Commodore Amiga

Hotel Detective King’s Quest I: Quest For The Crown Mortal Kombat I Road Raider Sqrxz III

IBM PC / Personal Computer

1869 – Hart am Wind 3 Skulls Of The Toltecs 3D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night A Vampyre Story Aces Over Europe Actua Soccer II Alone In The Dark I Alone In The Dark II Alone In The Dark III Alone In The Dark IV: The New Nightmare Alone In The Dark V Alone In The… Weiterlesen »